Dear friends!
Nobody knows when culture and theater can start again. At the moment it looks like this: For the show Weihnachtsfieber 2.0 Reloaded with new partner Tim Schaller, shortly before the first lockdown (March 2020) we have the audience award in gold and bronze from the jury won in Rostock. (16th Rostocker Cabaret Prize)
From October 2021 we will be back to Weihnachtsfieber.

The premiere of my new show Valters World on March 6th, 2020 was very promising.
The show is also suitable for open air events, as well as parts of it for street theater festivals. My solo can be played all year round,
just like the classic, Noten in Sturm with the “Running Orchestra” (Valter Rado & Mabo Band).

I would be very happy, if you contact me.
Best regards
Valter Rado